Destination Weddings

Planning a destination wedding?
Why settle for a handful of snapshots to capture the memories of such a special trip?

After all, you chose the location because of the many attractions and not just for that single chapel on the Vegas strip or one small piece of beach on the island -- right?

Just add airfare and lodging to one of our unlimited packages, and we’ll make sure you remember your incredible trip for generations. Chances are you will save money when hiring our studio rather than a local photographer.

We’ll ensure that you have treasured images of everything you do from treetop tours of rain forests to hiking smoldering volcano tops. You’ll have award-winning images to help you remember your total wedding experience rather than a few snapshots of the ceremony. Typically, we would charge extra for covering the rehearsal dinner, but since we’ll already be there, we will cover it at no extra charge, as well.